Sunday, July 10, 2011

Science Fiction: Satisfying Investment of Time?

A happy Sunday evening all! 

For most people I understand Sunday afternoons to be a bit of a drag - the 'pre-five-day-working-week' lull sets in as you are preparing meals and outfits appropriate for the daily grind.  For me, however, Sunday is just another working day (probably the only one each week that is consistently 8am-5pm) and the afternoon turns into a sort of celebration of the next five hours free with which I can do what I please, until heading off to bed and beginning it all again on Monday.  On that note, I have to point out that I do love my jobs.  Caffeine Bean has become a place where I have a sort of family (dysfunctional as it may be), where I get excited to see the girls with whom I work every Sunday, and I can prepare myself for the banter and teasing surrounding my latest 'regular customer crush'.  And as for Rivoli, I really love the team I work with every shift - it is never made up of the same people, but I can honestly say there is no one person that I resent working with, nor has there been a shift thus far that has been stressful due to incompetent staff.  We are all pretty epic. And awesome. And (plug incoming), if you want a great Gold Class experience, come to Rivoli. We will rock your world.

On that note, I continue my 30 part film challenge.

Part #2. 
Your least favourite film.

This one, without a doubt, is Alien (1979, Ridley Scott, USA).  Granted, I watched it by accident when co-worker, artist, and fellow film-buff Caleb Salisbury tried to convince me science fiction is a valid and enjoyable genre of film.  He suggested I watch four films - Aliens, The Matrix, Dark City and District 9 - all of which I watched (or so I thought).  My mistake was not realising Aliens and Alien are different film.  Thus stupidly resulting in me sitting through only half of what I now claim is my least favourite film.  Not only is the storyline utterly ridiculous, the aliens are completely unrealistic (yes, I know it is made in the late 70s, but if you don't have the technology to pull off 'characters' like them, don't attempt it in an 'epic' feature film) and Sigourney Weaver, who is one of those actresses who I have never particularly liked.  Taking personal opinion out of the equation, I am sure Alien - like Ridley Scott's other films - is considered to be an epic masterpiece, however it is not one I will ever sit through in its entirety.  I would rather spend 117minutes in a cockroach pit and listening to Miley Cyrus on replay than to endure a viewing of Alien again. The end.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Film Challenge

There are not many single words that define who I am, or personality 'boxes' which accurately fit the number of quirks and passions that work together to create my identity, however anyone who knows me or have had the pleasure (I hope) of having a conversation with me would know immediately I love two things: film and music.  There is just something truly magical about a piece of music that has the ability to move you to tears in sync with the crescendo and there is no word to describe the emotion and transformation involved in watching a great film.  Listen to Queen's "We Are the Champions" and I can almost guarantee it is impossible not to turn it up loud and belt it out as if no one can hear the passion exuding from the lyrics of triumph. Or watch (cliche example coming up) James Cameron's "Avatar" and experience a place so accurately and intricately created it becomes terrifyingly hard to doubt a world so beautiful and magnificent could actually exist.

With thanks to the inspiration created by coupling my insane ability to watch multiple movies a day (I think I average about two per day... sometimes whilst attempting to concentrate on other menial tasks) and a facebook challenge brought to my attention by film editor and friend Jason Jamieson (check out his blog here) I begin a 30 part blog focusing on film and its impact on all things Sorayaruth.

Part #1.
Your favourite film.

This is probably one of the most difficult things ANYONE could ask me. It varies. A lot. From different films on different days, to completely opposite genres and focuses.  I suppose when figuring our how to answer this question, instead of considering the best made film, or the most captivating, I prefer to think of a film I could watch any time, any day, any mood.  And with that in mind, I settle on Singin' in the Rain.  From one of my favourite eras and filled with song, dance, humour and classic scenes, I cannot help but to wish I was born fifty years before 1988, when the height of film was sophisticated, entertaining and constantly evolving and challenging expectations.  When film was a novelty, and each new release encompassed a new technological advancement, more brilliant and defying than the one before it. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Grand Epiphany

Have you ever had a moment, an epiphany, a split-second where you realise you are where you're meant to be? I didn't think those moments existed. I had become accustomed to doubting my path and just taking each day as bringing me closer to something brilliant. And then it sneaks up on you, like a ninja in the night, taking you by surprise and forcing you to humble yourself in the realisation that life is SO much bigger than you. Confused?

This is my story: I graduated high school convinced I was to be an interior designer. I loved movies and theatre and music, but took them for hobbies and did everything I could to get into a design degree. Two years to get in and half a degree later, I reluctantly admitted to myself, my friends and family that I hated it. But then what? Being someone who wants to do everything, it was hard to settle on a decision. I could be an air-hostess. Or a real estate agent.  I considered beauty therapy, event management, childhood development, tourism.  None of them fit. And then I asked myself, why not theatre? Why not film? Sure, they're both in the most difficult industry to succeed in, but where there's passion, determination and faith, who's to stop me?

My grand epiphany: I am exactly where I need to be. I am studying film and theatre, with a side of performance and music. I completed the outline of my degree, including the elective subjects.  Unit titles like "Musical Theatre", "Alternative Film", "Music of Western Culture" and "Performance in Context" make me excited to be a student for the next few years.  There is an air of success and fulfillment in the knowledge that every piece of assessment I have received back have had a mark of "D" or "HD" on them (this, from someone who always  though she was a terrible student).  

Couple my new-found passion for study with an exciting career launching pad - I am the new employee of Village Cinemas, a member of a select group who will forever be engraved in the Rivoli Cinema history as the original Gold Class team.  I am employed by a massive company, one which not only is involved in the showing of films, but the distribution and production of cinematic art (otherwise known as movies).  I have the opportunity to work my way through the film industry, working my way up the ladder and developing a rewarding and successful career.  The building blocks are there.  The passion and excitement is overflowing. The opportunities are abundant.

On that note, I include the trailer for the film we are premiering on Wednesday the 9th of June, as well as the trailer for an epic masterpiece which was successful at this years Cannes Film Festival.

Oranges and Sunshine

Tree of Life

Friday, March 25, 2011

"You're never fully dressed without a smile" Martin Charnin

Today made me smile. Why? I'm glad you asked.

Two days ago I was informed Villa & Hut Cafe, where I have been working for the past two months, was closing down - today.  Now, those who know me will know I don't stress too easily.  I am the "everything will be ok" "don't worry, it doesn't achieve anything" "smile and breathe, we will get through this" person.  There have not been many moments in my life where I was stressed so badly it effected everything else going on around me. This was one of them.  All of a sudden my thoughts turned to the $1.11 in my bank account, the lack of shampoo and facewash, the dead light bulb in my one desk lamp, the crackling sound my dying headphones makes, the one text book I am still yet to purchase and the severe lack of food in the cupboard and fridge (sometimes I wonder why we bought one at all).  And then I did what I should have done prior to the freak out.  Prior to the tears. Prior to thinking about anything else.  The most simple of things that I often forget to do.  The most helpful, humbling, powerful thing anyone can do.  I prayed.

Then I came across an ad for a cafe a few minutes drive from home who were looking for an 'experienced barista, latte art skills preferable'. If I am good at anything, it's coffee making.  So I went in and found myself face-to-face with an intimidating Italian man who has made coffee for the past 30 years, and his lovely wife.  After a four hour trial, many conversations about the importance of smooth, creamy milk and a short haggle over my hourly rate, I found myself walking home today employed again.

That is why today made me smile.  Because God answers prayers.

Here are a few other things that make me smile...

 Typo Shop (click here) - If you don't all ready know and love it, check it out. The cutest French-inspired stationary & art you will ever find!

 Arkadia Chia Tea - the most perfect hot beverage for a cold day. Actually, for any day.

 Katy Perry's purple foils.  One day I will have enough cash and courage for an attempt to rock this look.

 Music + Shoes = Heaven.  Adidas know how to please.

 Best friends. Whether they're living in the bedroom next door or are two states away.

 Jake Jagielski.  Televisions most ideal man. Ever. (Yes, I am watching One Tree Hill again. Yes, I want him for myself. Yes, he is creating false expectations)

Pon and Zi (click here). The cutest cartoons ever.

Psalm 136 - 'Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.'

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Art of Sound

I think it is safe to say that without music, my life would be a boring and horrible existence.  It is art in its purest form.  It freely expresses joy, desire, pain, loss, ecstasy, sorrow, envy, etc. You feel it, music translates it - like a voice without language barriers.  Imagine for a moment, your favourite film.  Now imagine it without music.  It almost become void of any emotional stimulus. 

This afternoon, after cleaning our little unit to the sounds of the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack (2010 British pop at it's finest - completely corny but it is impossible to be anything BUT happy when this is playing!) I went through the photos taken when my best friend and I got tattoos together early 2011.  This moment in my life has inspired me to compile a short list of some songs that have really spoken to me in recent times.

Linkin Park, Iridescent   "When you were standing in the wake of devastation.  When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown."  
For any time when life seems to cave in. 

Brooke Fraser, Love is Waiting    "I'll give it time, give it space and be still for a spell... I'll be waiting for you baby.  I'll be holding back the darkest night.  Love is waiting til we're ready.  Until it's right."
For when you feel eternally single (we've all been there!). 

Chris Tomlin, Indescribable   "Indescribable, uncontainable, you placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name.  You are amazing God."
For when God doesn't seem quite big enough.

30 Seconds to Mars, Vox Populi   "Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer? Ever imagine your heart open and free?... This is a call to arms, gather soldiers, time to go to war.  This is a battle song..."
For that extra boost of confidence (I put this in the same category as Eye of the Tiger & We Are the Champions)

Martin Solveig, Hello  "You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party... Yeah I think you're cute but I think that you should know, I just came to say hello."
For when you just need to bust a move (If you aren't familiar with the song, you will understand when you hear it)

One of my all time favourite quotes is one from the literary genius, Victor Hugo:

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

On that note, there is nothing more to say :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hitting the Books... Again.

Sometimes, it feels like my life travels in a series of intertwined circles - work, study, different job, change study major, rethink future, change mind, get exasperated by lack of decision making ability, start all over again.  Today I feel, is the beginning of breaking this spell. Popping the bubble. Breaking the proverbial chain. Today I become a University student again.

This morning began with the horrendous ear-piercing sound of an early alarm (a torture device to those not inclined to get ouf bed prior to the sun rising) and was quickly followed up by a hot shower and a strong cup of tea. Then came the battle with the wardrobe that I SWEAR eats my clothes. Or transforms them all into something unsuitable to face the impending judgement of my fellow students (I am sure no one actually pays attention, but good luck convincing the self-doubting part of my psyche of this). 

And then I had a moment, just a few seconds in which I realised I don't have an issue with the hour and a half long journey to and from campus, nor the fact that I have to make my lunch (or starve), or even the amount of stress I will undoubtedly be in once I realise I will actually have to focus on study for the next three years.  It was a moment on the train, somewhere between Oakleigh and Berwick Stations, in which a combination of Idina Menzel, Wicked and the world outside rushing past, convinced me this will be worth it.

I don't think I have ever been this excited about study, and although the feeling is foreign to me, I am embracing it with all I am.

In the wise words of Courtney Beth Lewis "Just roll with it."

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Place to Be.

Melbourne. The place to be. The garden state. On the move.  We can learn a lot about a state by their number plate slogans.  Almost every Victoria registered vehicle in Australia carries one of these badges, labelling each and every person driving these vehicles in one way or another. 

What more is there to say about Melbourne? I have a few observations under my sleeve, from little more than four days living in this wonderful city.

  1. Melbournians are IMPATIENT drivers.  It’s scary. Not to mention the narrow busy roads and the weird line markings.  Oh, and for the record, lanes merge without warning so beware of potential collisions and sounding horns.
  2. The grass is GREEN. Actual, proper, luscious, thick, green grass.
  3. Teenagers wear their caps SIDEWAYS.  Didn’t that fail as a fashion statement in the 90s (along with white rappers and ‘Spice Girl’ platform shoes)?
  4. People have very LOUD conversations at McDonalds.  The number of arguments overheard in the past four days would out-do an entire month in Brisbane.
  5. (I have to include another ‘driving’ observation) Sharing the road with TRAMS is extremely strange! The tracks make a bizarre noise under tyres, it feels like you’re driving in the middle of the road, not to mention the feeling you get when one is barrelling up behind you.
  6. There are no cockroaches! EXTREME plus.
  7. Shoe polish is an EFFECTIVE spider killer. I don’t think this one is specific to Melbourne, but it had to be shared. I would like to thank our rather intoxicated neighbour for assisting us with the eradication of the strangest looking spider I have ever seen.
  8. It feels like HOME. New Zealand home, that is.  The houses are brick with chimneys, the evenings are cool but pleasant, the residential streets are lined with trees and the street shops are reminiscent of Invercargill town centre.

In a nutshell, despite our lack of beds, mattresses, seating, refrigeration, and general storage, the diminishing funds, the unemployment and not having ‘people’ in the state, this adventure is so far a success.  Sleeping on a doona and floorboards, purchasing ONLY non-perishables, and buying a couch on Ebay, but having no way of transporting it home, are all part of the excitement.

Until next time….

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shinanegans, scrubbing and sad faces.

Well, I finally did it.  This 'first post' has been a long time coming, but I credit this moment to three things:

1. Oriental Fifty. The observations and inspirations of one Rachael Brodie. Made me realise blogs are more a collection of sporadic thoughts, rather than the deep contemplation of the "meaning of life".

2. My rather ambitious list of new years resolutions ('start a blog' - check)

3. The looming interstate move, and a foreseen lack of time for "this is what I've been up to" e-mails to each individual who may be interested in my Victorian adventure.

Hopefully this blog will prove eventful and exciting, not just a play-by-play of the daily grind I will find myself immersed in throughout the year.  If ever this becomes tedious and dull, feel free to let me know (I will be sure to throw in some amusing "cats doing stupid things" youtube clips just to mix it up a bit).

Moving right along...

2011 seems to have begun with quite an eventful few weeks.  They say December is the 'silly season', with Christmas parties, new year parties, shopping, scrambling for car parks and fighting with oneself as to whether or not Aunt Betty will appreciate a stuffed cat doorstop for Christmas.  With this month behind us, I feel I have been launched into the new year with the thrust jammed into "full speed" and no power steering.  There has been a constant supply of 'to do' lists before moving from Brisbane to Melbourne.  Little things like making sure my tooth brush is kept out for the three day drive, and bigger things like applying for houses (I'm not quite sure I could rock the homeless look... although my hair has been known to take on a life of it's own when unwashed, unstraightened and unmoisturised).

Needless to say, it all seems to be coming along quite well.  Farewell party is booked in and looks to be a bittersweet night.  Rental property is in the process of being restored back to its former glory (pre attack of the four single ladies).  Possessions organised, sorted through, prioritised, thrown out, recycled, sold on Ebay, given away... and the remainder packed (in no particular order).  Finalising of employment in Brisbane (only 7.5 working hours to go before I am officially unemployed).  And of course, the various "you can't leave me" conversations all ready had (with more to come I'm sure).

With all of this comes excitement, hopefulness, animosity, frustration, exhaustion and longing.  But most of all, faith.  We will be fine. We will take all opportunities.  We will succeed.  Because without faith we are just two scared but ambitious girls, embarking on the biggest adventure of our lives so far.