Sunday, July 10, 2011

Science Fiction: Satisfying Investment of Time?

A happy Sunday evening all! 

For most people I understand Sunday afternoons to be a bit of a drag - the 'pre-five-day-working-week' lull sets in as you are preparing meals and outfits appropriate for the daily grind.  For me, however, Sunday is just another working day (probably the only one each week that is consistently 8am-5pm) and the afternoon turns into a sort of celebration of the next five hours free with which I can do what I please, until heading off to bed and beginning it all again on Monday.  On that note, I have to point out that I do love my jobs.  Caffeine Bean has become a place where I have a sort of family (dysfunctional as it may be), where I get excited to see the girls with whom I work every Sunday, and I can prepare myself for the banter and teasing surrounding my latest 'regular customer crush'.  And as for Rivoli, I really love the team I work with every shift - it is never made up of the same people, but I can honestly say there is no one person that I resent working with, nor has there been a shift thus far that has been stressful due to incompetent staff.  We are all pretty epic. And awesome. And (plug incoming), if you want a great Gold Class experience, come to Rivoli. We will rock your world.

On that note, I continue my 30 part film challenge.

Part #2. 
Your least favourite film.

This one, without a doubt, is Alien (1979, Ridley Scott, USA).  Granted, I watched it by accident when co-worker, artist, and fellow film-buff Caleb Salisbury tried to convince me science fiction is a valid and enjoyable genre of film.  He suggested I watch four films - Aliens, The Matrix, Dark City and District 9 - all of which I watched (or so I thought).  My mistake was not realising Aliens and Alien are different film.  Thus stupidly resulting in me sitting through only half of what I now claim is my least favourite film.  Not only is the storyline utterly ridiculous, the aliens are completely unrealistic (yes, I know it is made in the late 70s, but if you don't have the technology to pull off 'characters' like them, don't attempt it in an 'epic' feature film) and Sigourney Weaver, who is one of those actresses who I have never particularly liked.  Taking personal opinion out of the equation, I am sure Alien - like Ridley Scott's other films - is considered to be an epic masterpiece, however it is not one I will ever sit through in its entirety.  I would rather spend 117minutes in a cockroach pit and listening to Miley Cyrus on replay than to endure a viewing of Alien again. The end.

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