Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Film Challenge

There are not many single words that define who I am, or personality 'boxes' which accurately fit the number of quirks and passions that work together to create my identity, however anyone who knows me or have had the pleasure (I hope) of having a conversation with me would know immediately I love two things: film and music.  There is just something truly magical about a piece of music that has the ability to move you to tears in sync with the crescendo and there is no word to describe the emotion and transformation involved in watching a great film.  Listen to Queen's "We Are the Champions" and I can almost guarantee it is impossible not to turn it up loud and belt it out as if no one can hear the passion exuding from the lyrics of triumph. Or watch (cliche example coming up) James Cameron's "Avatar" and experience a place so accurately and intricately created it becomes terrifyingly hard to doubt a world so beautiful and magnificent could actually exist.

With thanks to the inspiration created by coupling my insane ability to watch multiple movies a day (I think I average about two per day... sometimes whilst attempting to concentrate on other menial tasks) and a facebook challenge brought to my attention by film editor and friend Jason Jamieson (check out his blog here) I begin a 30 part blog focusing on film and its impact on all things Sorayaruth.

Part #1.
Your favourite film.

This is probably one of the most difficult things ANYONE could ask me. It varies. A lot. From different films on different days, to completely opposite genres and focuses.  I suppose when figuring our how to answer this question, instead of considering the best made film, or the most captivating, I prefer to think of a film I could watch any time, any day, any mood.  And with that in mind, I settle on Singin' in the Rain.  From one of my favourite eras and filled with song, dance, humour and classic scenes, I cannot help but to wish I was born fifty years before 1988, when the height of film was sophisticated, entertaining and constantly evolving and challenging expectations.  When film was a novelty, and each new release encompassed a new technological advancement, more brilliant and defying than the one before it. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Grand Epiphany

Have you ever had a moment, an epiphany, a split-second where you realise you are where you're meant to be? I didn't think those moments existed. I had become accustomed to doubting my path and just taking each day as bringing me closer to something brilliant. And then it sneaks up on you, like a ninja in the night, taking you by surprise and forcing you to humble yourself in the realisation that life is SO much bigger than you. Confused?

This is my story: I graduated high school convinced I was to be an interior designer. I loved movies and theatre and music, but took them for hobbies and did everything I could to get into a design degree. Two years to get in and half a degree later, I reluctantly admitted to myself, my friends and family that I hated it. But then what? Being someone who wants to do everything, it was hard to settle on a decision. I could be an air-hostess. Or a real estate agent.  I considered beauty therapy, event management, childhood development, tourism.  None of them fit. And then I asked myself, why not theatre? Why not film? Sure, they're both in the most difficult industry to succeed in, but where there's passion, determination and faith, who's to stop me?

My grand epiphany: I am exactly where I need to be. I am studying film and theatre, with a side of performance and music. I completed the outline of my degree, including the elective subjects.  Unit titles like "Musical Theatre", "Alternative Film", "Music of Western Culture" and "Performance in Context" make me excited to be a student for the next few years.  There is an air of success and fulfillment in the knowledge that every piece of assessment I have received back have had a mark of "D" or "HD" on them (this, from someone who always  though she was a terrible student).  

Couple my new-found passion for study with an exciting career launching pad - I am the new employee of Village Cinemas, a member of a select group who will forever be engraved in the Rivoli Cinema history as the original Gold Class team.  I am employed by a massive company, one which not only is involved in the showing of films, but the distribution and production of cinematic art (otherwise known as movies).  I have the opportunity to work my way through the film industry, working my way up the ladder and developing a rewarding and successful career.  The building blocks are there.  The passion and excitement is overflowing. The opportunities are abundant.

On that note, I include the trailer for the film we are premiering on Wednesday the 9th of June, as well as the trailer for an epic masterpiece which was successful at this years Cannes Film Festival.

Oranges and Sunshine

Tree of Life