Friday, March 25, 2011

"You're never fully dressed without a smile" Martin Charnin

Today made me smile. Why? I'm glad you asked.

Two days ago I was informed Villa & Hut Cafe, where I have been working for the past two months, was closing down - today.  Now, those who know me will know I don't stress too easily.  I am the "everything will be ok" "don't worry, it doesn't achieve anything" "smile and breathe, we will get through this" person.  There have not been many moments in my life where I was stressed so badly it effected everything else going on around me. This was one of them.  All of a sudden my thoughts turned to the $1.11 in my bank account, the lack of shampoo and facewash, the dead light bulb in my one desk lamp, the crackling sound my dying headphones makes, the one text book I am still yet to purchase and the severe lack of food in the cupboard and fridge (sometimes I wonder why we bought one at all).  And then I did what I should have done prior to the freak out.  Prior to the tears. Prior to thinking about anything else.  The most simple of things that I often forget to do.  The most helpful, humbling, powerful thing anyone can do.  I prayed.

Then I came across an ad for a cafe a few minutes drive from home who were looking for an 'experienced barista, latte art skills preferable'. If I am good at anything, it's coffee making.  So I went in and found myself face-to-face with an intimidating Italian man who has made coffee for the past 30 years, and his lovely wife.  After a four hour trial, many conversations about the importance of smooth, creamy milk and a short haggle over my hourly rate, I found myself walking home today employed again.

That is why today made me smile.  Because God answers prayers.

Here are a few other things that make me smile...

 Typo Shop (click here) - If you don't all ready know and love it, check it out. The cutest French-inspired stationary & art you will ever find!

 Arkadia Chia Tea - the most perfect hot beverage for a cold day. Actually, for any day.

 Katy Perry's purple foils.  One day I will have enough cash and courage for an attempt to rock this look.

 Music + Shoes = Heaven.  Adidas know how to please.

 Best friends. Whether they're living in the bedroom next door or are two states away.

 Jake Jagielski.  Televisions most ideal man. Ever. (Yes, I am watching One Tree Hill again. Yes, I want him for myself. Yes, he is creating false expectations)

Pon and Zi (click here). The cutest cartoons ever.

Psalm 136 - 'Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.'

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Art of Sound

I think it is safe to say that without music, my life would be a boring and horrible existence.  It is art in its purest form.  It freely expresses joy, desire, pain, loss, ecstasy, sorrow, envy, etc. You feel it, music translates it - like a voice without language barriers.  Imagine for a moment, your favourite film.  Now imagine it without music.  It almost become void of any emotional stimulus. 

This afternoon, after cleaning our little unit to the sounds of the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging soundtrack (2010 British pop at it's finest - completely corny but it is impossible to be anything BUT happy when this is playing!) I went through the photos taken when my best friend and I got tattoos together early 2011.  This moment in my life has inspired me to compile a short list of some songs that have really spoken to me in recent times.

Linkin Park, Iridescent   "When you were standing in the wake of devastation.  When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown."  
For any time when life seems to cave in. 

Brooke Fraser, Love is Waiting    "I'll give it time, give it space and be still for a spell... I'll be waiting for you baby.  I'll be holding back the darkest night.  Love is waiting til we're ready.  Until it's right."
For when you feel eternally single (we've all been there!). 

Chris Tomlin, Indescribable   "Indescribable, uncontainable, you placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name.  You are amazing God."
For when God doesn't seem quite big enough.

30 Seconds to Mars, Vox Populi   "Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer? Ever imagine your heart open and free?... This is a call to arms, gather soldiers, time to go to war.  This is a battle song..."
For that extra boost of confidence (I put this in the same category as Eye of the Tiger & We Are the Champions)

Martin Solveig, Hello  "You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party... Yeah I think you're cute but I think that you should know, I just came to say hello."
For when you just need to bust a move (If you aren't familiar with the song, you will understand when you hear it)

One of my all time favourite quotes is one from the literary genius, Victor Hugo:

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

On that note, there is nothing more to say :)