Monday, January 17, 2011

Shinanegans, scrubbing and sad faces.

Well, I finally did it.  This 'first post' has been a long time coming, but I credit this moment to three things:

1. Oriental Fifty. The observations and inspirations of one Rachael Brodie. Made me realise blogs are more a collection of sporadic thoughts, rather than the deep contemplation of the "meaning of life".

2. My rather ambitious list of new years resolutions ('start a blog' - check)

3. The looming interstate move, and a foreseen lack of time for "this is what I've been up to" e-mails to each individual who may be interested in my Victorian adventure.

Hopefully this blog will prove eventful and exciting, not just a play-by-play of the daily grind I will find myself immersed in throughout the year.  If ever this becomes tedious and dull, feel free to let me know (I will be sure to throw in some amusing "cats doing stupid things" youtube clips just to mix it up a bit).

Moving right along...

2011 seems to have begun with quite an eventful few weeks.  They say December is the 'silly season', with Christmas parties, new year parties, shopping, scrambling for car parks and fighting with oneself as to whether or not Aunt Betty will appreciate a stuffed cat doorstop for Christmas.  With this month behind us, I feel I have been launched into the new year with the thrust jammed into "full speed" and no power steering.  There has been a constant supply of 'to do' lists before moving from Brisbane to Melbourne.  Little things like making sure my tooth brush is kept out for the three day drive, and bigger things like applying for houses (I'm not quite sure I could rock the homeless look... although my hair has been known to take on a life of it's own when unwashed, unstraightened and unmoisturised).

Needless to say, it all seems to be coming along quite well.  Farewell party is booked in and looks to be a bittersweet night.  Rental property is in the process of being restored back to its former glory (pre attack of the four single ladies).  Possessions organised, sorted through, prioritised, thrown out, recycled, sold on Ebay, given away... and the remainder packed (in no particular order).  Finalising of employment in Brisbane (only 7.5 working hours to go before I am officially unemployed).  And of course, the various "you can't leave me" conversations all ready had (with more to come I'm sure).

With all of this comes excitement, hopefulness, animosity, frustration, exhaustion and longing.  But most of all, faith.  We will be fine. We will take all opportunities.  We will succeed.  Because without faith we are just two scared but ambitious girls, embarking on the biggest adventure of our lives so far.

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  1. You cant leave me!!!! :(
    I love your blog sis!! I didn't realise you were such a creative writer! :)